Who We Are

Way back when, my first pair of “expensive” shoes were Air Jordan 4’s. Not retro’s, actually 4’s. I remember another “rich” kid in my class got a pair of the gray Jordan 4’s. My parents weren’t rich, but my grandma would do virtually anything I ever asked. She always bought my back-to-school shoes and this year was the one I went for broke. She bought them for me ($75) and I was changed forever.


The attention I got from wearing/owning these shoes was unlike anything I had experienced. That feeling was really special. I felt lucky. From that point on, For the next several years, I did whatever I had to do to make sure I had the newest, coolest shoes. I did chores, mowed lawns, saved birthday money, took back Christmas gifts. Whatever it took, I was always going to have cool shoes. And I did.

Now they have a name for people like me – “sneakerheads”. We are junkies. Most hours of the day you can find us looking at sneakers. Maybe we’re at the mall or favorite shoe store. Maybe we’re cruising the web. Maybe we are attending events, like Sneaker Summit and SneakerCon. It’s a great time to be a sneakerhead.

We want to hear from you, about the day you became a sneakerhead. Or the time you remember falling in love with a pair of shoes. We’re listening…