Boost 350 Turtle Dove Shootout

We’ve tested every Turtle Dove we could get our hands on…

The Turtle Dove is currently the Boost 350 with the highest market value, according to StockX. At nearly $2,000, this colorway has changed the sneaker game. Is it white? Is it khaki? Maybe gray? We settle all of that here… (and then you tell us we’re wrong)

Pattern: Winner – Repnation 1st Version

Repnation 1st Version Turtle Dove

None of the reps are perfect and the Repnation pattern is easily identifiable by the “Y” pattern on the toe, however, the line thickness is good and the side pattern is decent, although could use more curve.

Shape: Winner – Repnation 1st VersionRepnation 1st Version Turtle Dove

Repnation has the best shape, currently. The sole shape is great, the upper is shaped very similar to retail versions. Not much work left to do here.

Patches: Winner – Eva 10th Version

Eva 10th Version Turtle Dove

Maybe a controversial choice, but really, none of the reps have good patches. Eva, at least, has clean stitching and the correct color, stampings and size.

Colors: Winner – Repnation 1st Version

Repnation 1st Version Turtle Dove

The only Turtle Dove in the group to have a white sole, with minimal yellowing and the correct color sock liner. Very few others were even close.

Pull Tabs: Winner – Helen 3rd Version

Helen 3rd version turtle dove

Helen’s 3rd version has a great looking pull tab. The material is nice, the size is good and the colors are pretty close.

Toe Stitching: Winner – Jeff 9th Version

Jeff 9th Version Turtle Dove

This may be a shock, but Jeff has done a great job of simulating the toe stitching on the Turtle Dove. It doesn’t curve too much and the thread is close to the same size and stitch pattern of the retail version.

Boost: Winner – Helen’s 3rd Version

Helen 3rd version turtle dove

Helen is the first, and currently only, replica to place the nipples on the boost in the correct location. We can’t wait to test her 4th version, with “real” boost.

Laces: Winner – Eva 10th Version

Eva 10th Version Turtle Dove

Eva has great laces. Actually, most of the shoes have the same or very similar laces. The only exception here is Helen, who’s laces are too thin to be considered quality.

Sizing: Winner – Repnation 1st Version

Repnation 1st Version Boost 350 Turtle Dove

The only shoe tested that actually fit, true to size. It’s an exact fit. Width feels very similar to retail, as well as length. Others were off by as much as a full size (or more). This is important if you spend nearly $200 on a pair of shoes.

Price: Winner – Repnation 1st Version / Eva 10th Version

On the high-end, Repnation at $200 offers an extremely nice shoe. In the mid-tier, Eva gives a great bang for the buck. If you have the extra money, the Repnation is worth it, but those on a budget will still get a quality shoe from Eva.

Extras: Winner – Eva 10th Version/Jeff 9th Version/Jessie 9th Version

All three of these suppliers include Yeezy socks and keychains in the box. For a $70ish pair of shoes, that’s a nice gift to be thrown in at no additional cost.