The Lab

If you want to review and test sneakers, you need to do it in the lab. In the lab, we rid ourselves of most of the variables that come into play. We try to put science to work. The most important aspect of comparing one shoe to another is consistency. We pride ourselves on consistency.

We use the same lighting, background, camera, camera settings etc… You get it. We do it the same, every time.

After spending $1,000’s on sneakers, including replicas, we know the importance of having these shoes in hand. We never write a review without having the shoe in our physical possession. Even as we are writing the review, we are constantly comparing the shoes, to make sure what we are writing, matches our notes.


Hopefully you see our hard work and dedication in our reviews. If not, drop us a line and let us know what we could do better. We want to be the first place you stop before you buy a pair of shoes.