Repnation 1st Version Turtle Dove

Who dey? Repnation is the newest higher tier Boost 350 replica supplier. How do these 1st version releases stand up to veterans like David and Helen? Let’s find out…

If you’ve read other reviews by us here at FirelabX, you might have noticed we always address the most controversial aspect of the shoe, up front. That’s going to be tough here, because the Repnation (Monica/Edith) version doesn’t have a glaring defect or a standout feature… it’s just average or above average everywhere.

Repnation 1st Version Turtle Dove

One thing any LC’er would notice, are the boost nipples. They aren’t placed in the same place as the retail version. It’s not as soft either. It’s a common problem with most reps, Helen aside. She’s laser focused on fixing the boost and I’m sure everyone is hoping she succeeds.

Boost rating: 3/5

Repnation 1st Version Turtle Dove

Now that we know what is not perfect, let me tell you what is. These shoes match the color of retails better than any shoe I’ve tested. While others have pointed out the “Y” pattern on the toebox as being a problem, and I agree it is, the pattern on these shoes is very very good. The prime knit feels great. It’s soft and definitely feels more premium than others. There is a slight ridge running down the middle where the toe stitching meets.

Pattern rating: 4/5

Repnation 1st Version Boost 350 Turtle Dove

If you love suede patches, these will not disappoint. They are the correct size and again, very accurate color. The stitching is almost TOO neat, but I think it’s very aesthetically pleasing. The one gripe that people seem to have with the patches is the shiny logos. What they mean is this… However Repnation is branding these logos, it’s making the inset part of the logo, smooth and shiney. This doesn’t happen on retails. While retails have a smooth inset logo, they stay a matte finish. With that said, these logos easily pass our 5ft, average person rule. They won’t be noticeable.

Patches rating: 4/5

Repnation 1st Version Boost 350 Turtle Dove

Fit wise, they fit perfect! True-to-size (TTS) is actually an accurate description here. If you wear a size 10 US, then order a size 10 US. What a concept! There isn’t anything else to say here.

Fit rating:  5/5

Other things I want to mention about this shoe: The laces are perfect. When I say perfect, I mean perfect. The ends of the laces are the same size. The thickness is great. The color is on point. As far as the sole goes, it’s the closest to white as any rep I’ve tested. The ridges are a tiny bit shy of going all the way up, but almost impossible to notice. The pull tabs appear to be very nice. White and premium material make these the closest thing to a retail version I’ve seen.

I know there is another version of this shoe being produced, with a different boost. With a new boost and a pattern tweak, these shoes would make it very difficult to tell a rep from a retail. I’ll let you decide if that’s a good thing or not.

Overall rating: 4/5

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Size: 10 US

Price paid: $195