We had to wait an agonizing 16 extra days to get our hands on these amazing shoes. The release date of the Kobe XI Elite Low USA was originally scheduled for July 2nd, which would have worked out great for 4th of July celebrations. Alas, the shoes jumped off the UPS truck and raced into the store, today, July 18th.

We’re they worth the wait? Absolutely! These shoes are an incredible color combination. The red and blue hues are natural Crayola standard colors. The same red and blue you’d get in a box of 4 crayons. The “clear” bottom doesn’t distract from the bright white base of the shoe. A ghost silver emblem on the tongue is the only non-primary color used here.

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Aside from the amazing color, these shoes fit like the rest of the Kobe lineup. Initially, they felt a bit “long”. After trying a couple of sizes, I settled on my standard, size 10. With a little more length, I got the necessary width in the toe box.

At $200, they aren’t the cheapest Kobe XI’s, but you’re really going to want to rock these with all that Team USA gear you’ll be wearing, this summer, during the 2016 Olympics. USA! USA! USA!