David 10th Version Turtle Dove Boost 350

Version 10 has landed on the doorstep and we promptly took it straight into the lab, for your viewing pleasure…

Anybody who reaches 10 versions of the same shoe makes me wonder what happened to the first 9 versions. With David’s shoes, you can still buy many of them, at significant discounts. That’s good for certain people. For the rest of us, who want the best, regardless of price, we want the latest version to be the best. Did David give us his best yet?

They don’t have “real” boost. They don’t have the perfect white sole color. And they still have a weird sole shape. Now that we know what didn’t get fixed, let’s talk about all the great things about these shoes. There are a number of improvements on this newest version…


The 9th version of this shoe had green patches. Not just green patches, really GREEN patches. These things looked like they were dyed using snow cone syrup. If I haven’t driven this point home enough, they were bright green and easily the most recognizable problem of any top tier rep. They weren’t even the right size (on the small side).

Well, the 10th version has fixed all of that. They are a fantastic color of dark green. They are a shape that closely resembles the retail version. The material is still off, but nothing anyone can notice from 5ft away. David might have 99 problems, but patches ain’t one…

David 10th Version Turtle Dove Boost 350

Sizing / Fit:

These shoes fit great! They are really close to fitting true to size. They might be a tiny bit on the small side, still, but I think once these stretch, they will feel amazing, on foot. The 9th version fit way too tight. I can’t say enough good things about how these shoes feel to wear.

David 10th Version Turtle Dove Insole Measurement

Pull Tabs:

Hardly noticeable, but important was the stitching on the pull tab. David’s stitching was a khaki color and was obvious. On the 10th version, the stitching melds right into the pull tab, because it’s the same color as the tabs, just like the retail version. This is a nice upgrade.

David 10th Version Turtle Dove Boost 350


This pattern is better. It makes huge strides on the toe box. David’s shoes have always had a decent curve on the side pattern. No exception here. I think the dark artifacts of the pattern are more bold on this version, which isn’t good, but you’d have to stare at these shoes, sitting next to a retail version, for hours (like I have) to tell the difference. Hardly worth mentioning.

David 10th Version Turtle Dove Boost 350


I noticed the shape problem with David’s shoes the first time I put a shoe tree in it. I thought the problem was the 9th version just being too small. The 10th version is the right size, but still have a strange shape problem. If you sit the shoe down on the table, the sole is twisted, raising the inside of the rear off the table. If I took the shoe tree out, the problem still exists. It’s strange and I have no idea how it will affect wearability or comfort, long term. Maybe it’s a good thing? But it’s very specific to David’s shoes. No other shoes I’ve tested do this…

9th Version Sole Twist

david 9th version boost 350 turtle dove

10th Version Sole Twist

David 10th Version Turtle Dove Boost 350


No change for the laces. If you liked his old laces, you’ll like the new ones. The plastic tips are still too short, but in turtle doves, specifically, laces are very hard to distinguish.

david 9th version boost 350 turtle dove

Sock Liner:

One thing I really like about David’s version is the sock liner, around the top of the upper. It’s the right thickness, width color and even feels like the real thing. One of the few that have this part figured out.

david 9th version boost 350 turtle dove


I’m going to break ranks here and talk about ordering replicas. It’s a very touchy subject. We don’t agree with anyone circumventing laws and duplicating someone else’s premium product with a lesser-grade reproduction. It’s wrong, no two ways about it.

Disclaimer aside, ordering from David was a bit of a question mark. These shoes were ordered directly through his site, which claimed “in-stock” on the product page. It took 3 full weeks to get quality control pictures. I questioned him on this numerous times and was just told “Sorry, have to wait”. Once the photos were received, the shoes shipped immediately. The Turtle Doves were shipped first and the Pirate Black’s last. Is it a red flag? The shoes were ultimately shipped. Was there 100% transparency in the process? No… That’s scary when you’re talking about $200/pair being on the line.

Maybe that’s why he’s the only one who included this awesome Yeezy keychain… as an apology.

David 10th Version Turtle Dove Boost 350


What else is there to say? If you want a nice pair of shoes, with correct patches, good toe stitching, decent pattern, reasonable color accuracy, okay laces and fit like glove, these are the shoes for you. If you’re looking for real boost or a premium feeling prime knit, maybe not.

David’s shoes have always been in the top tier of reps. This shoe only helps that case. He makes a good attempt at combating the challenge from the Repnation and Helen versions. They all do something better than the other, but David’s got experience on his side. He’s done 10 of these things now…