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Helen 3rd version turtle dove

Helen 3rd Version Turtle Dove Review

Helen’s 3rd batch is shipping currently and we got our hands on a pair. Just like she said, boost nipple placement is much closer to retail versions, but other problems still exist…

david 9th version boost 350 turtle dove

David 9th Version Turtle Dove Review

We take David’s 9th version into the lab. As many buyers have pointed out, this is a great version, but the patches are the real story here. Check out the 9th revision, after the break.

David 9th Version Boost 350 Pirate Black

David 9th Version Pirate Black Review

The top-tier replica fight is getting real. David brings his 9th version to the table and we put it through the paces in the lab. Bright green patches, odd shape and small sizing might give these reps a lower grade than we’ve come to...

Eva 10th Version Boost 350 Pirate Black

Eva 10th Version Pirate Black Review

A veteran of the mid-tier replica scene, Eva was first out of the gate with the 10th version of the Pirate Black Boost 350. This is a nice looking shoe, but not everything is great…